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Updated: Aug 3, 2023

"Oh well, take it in stride and keep moving forward." and "Best laid plans." became frequently recurring phrases I had to get used to. Certainly, there have been millions of decisions, both big and small, and I lived by every decision I made. That being said, there is very little I would do the same way next time! So many things didn't go as planned, or took longer or cost far more than planned. So many lessons learned and even though I've cost myself much time and money, I'm still proud of having gotten the project this far. I certainly haven't done it alone.

Erin is my A#1 consultant, confidant, and loving daughter.

Shawn, has been wonderful about being pulled into all of this.

And soon they will be building right next door. I can't wait to see all the adventures young Nick and I get into together. UPDATE: We now have Henry added to the mix. He's just as adorable as his big brother.

Maggie and I feed the fish she (and Claire, one of our very fun neighbors.) helped release into the pond. Can't wait for them to get big enough to catch.

And then there is Hans, that while we were all having fun, he was hard at work getting the electricity going. He's also served as my consultant extraordinaire. Thank you Baby.

2023 UPDATE: Nick and Henry have slowed us down a little, but they are so beautiful to spend time with that it's hard to go do work!

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