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The Objective and the Journey

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Shady Ladies Family Retreat is the result of a lifetime of travel and 30 years of dreaming of having my own small place to welcome travelers into. All the plans included a B&B in the Caribbean on the beach. But then along came children and grandchildren and the need to be just a little more accessible.

Two years ago , as I started closing in on retirement, I started searching for my little place in the woods. My realtor, Jayme ( a very good and patient friend) and I looked far and wide and ended up just 'around the corner' at a property south of Eustace. I ended up buying a couple of lots and the journey began.....

As for the objective, well, it's to have a fun, relaxing place in the world where I can enjoy being with friends and family. And maybe hide away just a little. I've always loved being outdoors and really want to develop a destination for families to come walk thru the woods, finding bugs, and frogs; identifying leaves and wildflowers; sitting together playing games, or fishing at the pond and feeding the ducks. The nights offer beautiful dark skies to look for stars and satellites. And sitting by a bonfire opens up opportunities for smores and scary stories. Appreciating the wonders that nature has to offer and time spent treasuring one another is the objective.

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